Elke Rehder Art exhibition at the town hall of Barsbüttel, Stormarn, Germany 1992

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Art exhibition at the town hall of Barsbüttel, Stormarn, Germany 1992

Preface from the art exhibition catalogue by Dieter Weis, the burgomaster of Barsbuettel

Art allows to express what words and arguments often are unable to convey. It imparts a knowledge far beyond understanding and reason. Art makes understandable all things, creatures or situations direct.

Art always had the most sensitive antennae for changes, risks and impairments and always claims to create a reality of its own.

With an inexhaustible palette of views and experiences it's able to stimulate us to shed harmful habits, to repair mistakes and to reduce unjustified demands against our environment.

Within a few months the European Common Market will be reality and the common house "Europe" will have reached a higher stage of completion.

Elke Rehder perfectly knows how to observe and then also to transpose her observations. She therefore first scrutinizes closely for herself our impressions. She turns our attention in new directions aside from habitual ways also from the looking at reality different from the current ways and motives. Chess is a dominant subject in her work. In the last few years she has been engaged in socio-political subjects. Peace-political and ecological themes, such as "paintings for peace" has moved her personally very much.

Above all, she's interested in all obvious and unspectacular things. She likes to emphasize what people generally won't recognize. In her paintings often appear the elements of nature and their arrangements as a symbol of our technical culture and civilization in interdependence and tense relationship.

We understand the aesthetic and at the same time political language of these paintings. But what impresses our senses and persuasions also decides about our readiness to act.

I am very pleased that by this exhibition an artist who belongs to the most wilful and engaged in her way in and around Barsbüttel obtains the public appreciation due to her work.

Pictures are not easy to describe. You have to look at them. For this you are proffered an opportunity in the town hall of Barsbüttel from 8th until 26th of May - an opportunity you should not allow to slip. A visit is worthwhile, because art, as Pablo Picasso said, washes the dust of everyday life from our soul. Grant yourself this "soul-wash".

Dieter Weis, burgomaster of Barsbüttel, 1992 


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